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Google launches ‘Magic Compose’, an AI that can write your messages for you

Magic Compose
Magic Compose

Magic Compose in Messages

Search Giant, Google has launched a new Magic Compose, an experimental feature for its Google Messages app, aimed at improving the text composition experience for users. With Google’s generative AI technology, Magic Compose crafts stylized, suggested responses with the context of your messages.

Initially this feature was first announced in early May and officially unveiled at Google I/O 2023, and the Magic Compose feature is now live, bringing the magic of AI to text messaging. Currently, the feature is available for RCS (Rich Communication Services) conversations in the Messages app.

How to enable ‘Magic Compose’?

To enable Magic Compose, users can go to the app’s Settings menu and enable the feature if it’s available for their account.

Turn Magic Compose on

  1. On your Android phone, open the Messages app.
  2. Open or start an RCS conversation.
  3. Tap Message suggestions;
    • To opt in to Magic Compose, tap Try it.
    • To keep Magic Compose turned off, tap No thanks.

Get message suggestions

When you draft a message, Magic Compose can provide suggestions using generative AI and the context of your conversation.

  1. On your Android phone, open the Messages app.
  2. Open or start an RCS conversation, Tap on Message suggestions.
  3. Tap the suggestion you want to use.
    • Optional: Edit the message.
  4. When you’re ready to send, tap send.

Get message rewrite suggestions

Magic Compose can rewrite your draft with suggestions based on the style that you choose.

  1. On your Android phone, open the Messages app.
  2. Use a message suggestion or write your message.
  3. Tap Rewrite suggestions, to bring up style options.
  4. Tap a style to bring up rewrite suggestions.
  5. Select the suggestion you want to use.
    • Optional: Edit the message
  6. Now tap on Send.

When Magic Compose is first launched, users will find a spark icon in the text field of an RCS chat. Tapping this icon prompts users to “Try it out”, allowing them to use the suggested answers provided by the AI-powered feature. Users can also customize suggestions or their own text by selecting one of seven available styles.

For now, Google has rolled out Magic Compose as a priority for Google One premium subscribers in the US who are also part of the Messages beta program on the Play Store.

It’s worth noting that Google isn’t the only tech company exploring AI-based text composition . SwiftKey, Microsoft’s keyboard app, introduced a similar feature that lets users compose text messages and emails with message suggestions and the ability to change their tone, format, and length.

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Google Now Launcher will stop working in April 2023

Google now launcher
Google now launcher

Google Now Launcher’s discontinuation

Google is finally shutting out the Google Now Launcher after 10 years. As first reported by  9to5Google, Tech Giant Google is finally announced Google Launcher’s dicontinuation by completely shutting down its Google Now Launcher from April 2023. After dicontinuation, your launcher will change to your device’s default launcher.

Launched in 2014, Google Now Launcher has been one of the most popular launchers for Android devices.

Google Now Launcher is a launcher for Android devices. It was first released in 2014 and has been a popular choice for Android users who want a simple, easy-to-use launcher. The launcher features a clean and simple interface that allows users to easily access their apps and widgets. It also has a Google Now page, which displays personalized information such as weather, traffic, and news.

As reported by 9to5Google in its blogpost:

The latest beta version of the Google app (14.14) reveals today (as seen below) that the “Google Now Launcher will stop working in April.” When this occurs, “your launcher will change to your device’s default launcher.”

Practically speaking, this will impact very few people as devices that still have the Google Now Launcher are probably not usable as daily drivers. If you want to keep things the way they are (for posterity), don’t update the Google app, which probably isn’t serving you too many new features. One small upside for everyone else is that the Google app might get slightly smaller when the GNL is removed.


In conclusion, Google Now Launcher was a popular launcher for Android devices. However, Google has decided to discontinue the launcher in order to focus on other projects. There are several alternatives available, such as Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, and Apex Launcher. While this decision will mainly affect users who currently use Google Now Launcher, it is important to keep in mind that there are plenty of other launchers available for Android devices.


  1. Why is Google discontinuing Google Now Launcher?

Google has decided to discontinue Google Now Launcher to focus on other projects.

  1. When will Google Now Launcher stop working?

Google Now Launcher will stop working in April 2023.

  1. What are the alternatives to Google Now Launcher?

Some of the popular alternatives to Google Now Launcher include Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, and Apex Launcher.

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WhatsApp users now able to lock chats and keep them hidden; Here’s How to Enable it

WhatsApp Chat Lock
WhatsApp Chat Lock

WhatsApp “Chat Lock”

Meta-owned WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature for users called “Chat Lock” – With this new feature, Whatsapp users will be now able to lock specific chats and keep them hidden. For even more privacy, locked chats will be kept seperate from othr chat. Here in this article, you’ll know how to enable “Chat Lock”.

As first reported by WABetaInfo, a new feature under development planned to be released in a future update of WhatsApp beta for Android. The feature was spotted in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update available on the Google Play Store. It will be rolled out to all users in a future update.

How to enable WhatsApp “Chat Lock” ?

To give users more options to users their privacy, WhatsApp has added the ability to lock its messaging app using a passcode, or fingerprint. Here’s you can learn how to enable fingerprint lock for WhatsApp on Android right here.

  1. To lock your most private chats, > just go to the Chat’s contact or group info and >  enable “Chat Lock”.
  2. Use your fingerprint or Passcode to open the locked chat and read notifications on your phone.

This feature will help a lot in the security of protecting people’s data on WhatsApp.

Anyone will be able to open and know who you were chatting with until you give your password. If someone fails to open locked chats, then you have to delete your chats to be able to open them.

Through this feature, things like photos, videos, that you have sent or used, people will not be able to see until they provide a password, nor will they be able to save themselves in your phone’s gallery until you want to.

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10 Best Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) Podcast Episodes to listen right now in Spotify (2023)

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan

The best Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcasts

Are you a fan of podcasts? Do you enjoy listening to insightful conversations on a variety of topics? Then you must have heard of Joe Rogan, the comedian, UFC commentator, and podcast host.

The Joe Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, has been around for over a decade, and it has become one of the most popular podcasts in the world. With over 14.5 million subscribers on YouTube and millions of downloads on Spotify, Rogan’s podcast has a massive audience that keeps growing every day.

Here is the aticle we will share with you the list of the Top 10 Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) Spotify Podcasts: to listen right now in Spotify.  (Entertaining, Informative, and Thought-Provoking that will keep you hooked for hours!)

From interviews with fascinating guests to insightful discussions on controversial topics, Joe Rogan’s podcasts are a must-listen for anyone seeking entertainment, information, and inspiration.

These podcasts cover a wide range of topics, from science and technology to politics and spirituality. They feature fascinating guests who share their expertise, insights, and personal stories. Whether you are looking for entertainment, information, or inspiration, these podcasts have got you covered. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the 10 Best Joe Rogan Spotify Podcasts!

The 10 Best Joe Rogan Spotify Podcasts (2023)

  • #1) Elon Musk (#1169)
  • #2) Jordan Peterson (#958, #1139)
  • #3) David Goggins (#1212)
  • #4) Naval Ravikant (#1309)
  • #5) Mike Tyson (#1470)
  • #6) Robert Downey Jr. (#1236)
  • #7) Bernie Sanders (#1330)
  • #8) Matthew Walker (#1109)
  • #9) Neil deGrasse Tyson (#919, #1159)
  • #10) Alex Jones (#1255)

#1) Elon Musk (#1169)

Elon Musk – #1169 is definitely one of the top best Joe Rogan Podcast Experience (JRE) of all podcasts available, This episode features Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, as they discuss a range of topics from AI and renewable energy to flamethrowers and drugs.

In this Elon Musk (#1169) JRE episode, which aired in September 2018, Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, had a wide-ranging conversation with Joe Rogan. The episode quickly went viral, in part because Musk smoked a joint on camera during the interview.

During the podcast, Musk talked about a variety of topics, including the future of AI, his plans for colonizing Mars, the potential for electric planes, and the challenges of running multiple high-profile companies.

The conversation also touched on more personal topics, such as Musk’s upbringing in South Africa and his views on the role of government in regulating industry. Overall, the episode provided a fascinating look into the mind of one of the most innovative and controversial figures in tech.

#2) Jordan Peterson (#958, #1139)

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He has gained a large following for his outspoken views on a wide range of topics, including gender, politics, and personal development.

In JRE episode (#958), which aired in August 2017, Peterson and Rogan had a lengthy conversation about a range of topics, including the use of language, political correctness, and the dangers of collectivism. They also discussed Peterson’s book “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos,” which had recently been released.

In JRE episode (#1139), which aired in June 2018, Peterson and Rogan delved deeper into some of these topics, as well as discussing Peterson’s personal life and his experiences with depression and addiction. They also talked about the concept of truth and the importance of taking personal responsibility.

Both of these episodes were widely viewed and discussed, and helped to solidify Peterson’s status as a controversial and influential figure in the world of psychology and self-help.

#3) David Goggins (#1212)

David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL and ultra-marathon runner who has gained a reputation for his extreme physical and mental toughness. In this episode, which aired in December 2018, Goggins and Rogan had a wide-ranging conversation about Goggins’ life and experiences.

Goggins talked about growing up in a troubled household and facing racism and bullying as a child. He also discussed his decision to join the military and the grueling training he underwent as a Navy SEAL. Later, he talked about his love of running and his experiences completing some of the most challenging ultra-marathons in the world.

Throughout the episode, Goggins emphasized the importance of mental toughness and pushing oneself beyond perceived limits. He talked about his own struggles with depression and how he overcame them through sheer force of will.

The conversation also touched on topics such as race relations in America, the nature of motivation, and the importance of having a strong sense of purpose. Overall, the episode provided a fascinating look into the mind of one of the most accomplished and inspiring athletes of our time.

#4) Naval Ravikant (#1309)

Naval Ravikant is an entrepreneur, investor, and author who has been a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast several times, including episode #1309. In this episode, they discuss various topics related to personal development, entrepreneurship, and philosophy. Some of the key takeaways from this podcast include:

  • The importance of self-awareness and introspection for personal growth and success
  • The concept of “product-market fit” in business, which involves finding the right market for your product or service
  • The benefits of a daily meditation practice for mental clarity and focus
  • The role of luck in success, and how to maximize your chances of success through deliberate practice and experimentation
  • The value of learning and expanding your knowledge and skills, both for personal fulfillment and professional success.

Overall, the podcast provides valuable insights and advice for anyone looking to improve their personal and professional lives.

#5) Mike Tyson (#1470)

Mike Tyson was a guest on episode 1470 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. During the episode, Tyson and Rogan discussed a wide range of topics, including Tyson’s boxing career, his personal life, and his new career as a cannabis entrepreneur.

Tyson was very candid during the conversation, discussing some of the struggles he’s faced in his life and how he’s worked to overcome them. He talked about his early years as a boxer and the intense training he went through to become one of the greatest boxers of all time. He also discussed some of the controversies and scandals that have surrounded him over the years.

One of the main topics of the conversation was Tyson’s new business venture, which involves selling a line of cannabis products. Tyson talked about his own experiences with marijuana and how it has helped him deal with anxiety and other issues. He also discussed the potential benefits of cannabis for athletes and the importance of education and responsible use.

Overall, the podcast was a fascinating and insightful look into the life and career of one of the most iconic athletes of our time. Tyson was open, honest, and engaging throughout the conversation, making it a must-listen for any fan of boxing or sports in general.

#6) Robert Downey Jr. (#1236)

Robert Downey Jr. was a guest on episode 1236 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. During the episode, Downey and Rogan discussed a wide range of topics, including Downey’s acting career, his personal life, and his experience with addiction and recovery.

Downey was very open and honest during the conversation, discussing some of the challenges he’s faced in his life and how he’s worked to overcome them. He talked about his early years in Hollywood and the ups and downs of his acting career, including his struggles with addiction and the impact it had on his life and work.

Downey also talked about his experience playing Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the impact the role had on his career. He discussed the challenges of portraying such an iconic character and the importance of bringing depth and nuance to the role.

Throughout the conversation, Downey and Rogan touched on a variety of other topics, including meditation, spirituality, and the importance of personal growth and self-improvement. It was a fascinating and engaging conversation that offered a unique insight into the life and career of one of the most talented and successful actors of our time.

#7) Bernie Sanders (#1330)

ernie Sanders was a guest on episode 1330 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. During the episode, Sanders and Rogan discussed a wide range of political and social issues, including healthcare, climate change, income inequality, and the 2020 presidential election.

Sanders, a long-time politician and former presidential candidate, spoke at length about his progressive policy proposals and his vision for a more just and equitable society. He discussed the need for a Medicare for All healthcare system, a Green New Deal to combat climate change, and a more progressive tax system to address income inequality.

Sanders and Rogan also discussed the challenges of running for president and the impact of money in politics. Sanders talked about his decision to run for president and his efforts to build a grassroots movement to support his campaign.

Throughout the conversation, Sanders emphasized the importance of political engagement and the need for people to get involved in the political process in order to effect change. He encouraged listeners to speak out on the issues they care about and to get involved in local and national politics in order to make a difference.

Overall, the podcast was a thoughtful and engaging discussion of some of the most important issues facing our country today. Sanders and Rogan tackled these issues with intelligence and candor, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in politics or social justice.

#8) Matthew Walker (#1109)

Matthew Walker was a guest on episode 1109 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. During the episode, Walker and Rogan discussed a wide range of topics related to sleep and its impact on our health and well-being.

Walker, a sleep scientist and author of the book “Why We Sleep,” shared a wealth of fascinating insights about the importance of sleep for our physical and mental health. He explained how sleep affects everything from our mood and cognitive function to our immune system and risk of chronic disease.

Walker and Rogan also discussed the effects of technology on our sleep patterns, the impact of caffeine and alcohol on our sleep quality, and the benefits of napping. They also talked about the importance of establishing good sleep habits and the benefits of a consistent sleep routine.

Throughout the conversation, Walker emphasized the importance of prioritizing sleep in our lives and taking steps to improve the quality and quantity of our sleep. He shared practical tips and strategies for getting better sleep, such as avoiding screens before bedtime, establishing a consistent sleep schedule, and creating a sleep-conducive environment.

Overall, the podcast was a fascinating exploration of the science of sleep and its critical role in our health and well-being. Walker’s expertise and passion for the subject made it a must-listen for anyone interested in improving their sleep and overall health.

#9) Neil deGrasse Tyson (#919, #1159)

Neil deGrasse Tyson has been a guest on two episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast: episode 919 and episode 1159. During both episodes, Tyson and Rogan discussed a wide range of topics related to science, technology, and the universe.

As an astrophysicist and science communicator, Tyson brought a wealth of knowledge and insight to the conversation. He discussed everything from the latest developments in space exploration to the mysteries of the cosmos and the potential for extraterrestrial life.

Tyson and Rogan also discussed the role of science in society and the importance of scientific literacy. They talked about the challenges of communicating complex scientific concepts to the general public and the need for more science education and outreach.

Throughout the conversations, Tyson’s enthusiasm for science and his ability to explain complex ideas in an accessible way were evident. He shared fascinating anecdotes and insights about everything from black holes and supernovas to the history of scientific discovery and the role of skepticism in science.

Overall, both episodes were a fascinating and engaging exploration of the wonders of the universe and the importance of science in our lives. Tyson’s expertise and passion for the subject made both episodes a must-listen for anyone interested in science and the mysteries of the cosmos.

#10) Alex Jones (#1255)

Alex Jones was a guest on episode 1255 of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. During the episode, Jones and Rogan discussed a wide range of topics related to politics, conspiracy theories, and the media.

Jones, a controversial figure known for his far-right views and conspiracy theories, shared his opinions on a variety of political issues, including immigration, gun control, and the presidency of Donald Trump. He also discussed some of his more controversial views, such as his belief in the existence of secret cabals and globalist conspiracies.

Throughout the conversation, Jones and Rogan had a spirited debate about the role of the media in shaping public opinion and the impact of conspiracy theories on our society. They discussed the importance of critical thinking and the need to question information and sources in an era of fake news and information overload.

The podcast was notable for its frank and sometimes confrontational tone, with Rogan challenging many of Jones’ views and arguments. Despite their disagreements, however, the conversation remained civil and respectful, offering a fascinating glimpse into the world of conspiracy theories and far-right politics.

Overall, the podcast was a thought-provoking and engaging exploration of some of the most controversial issues facing our society today. While some listeners may find Jones’ views objectionable, the podcast offers a valuable opportunity to engage with alternative viewpoints and challenge our own assumptions and beliefs.

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Microsoft brings Bing Image Creator tool to Bing Chat and Edge Browser

Bing Chat
Bing Chat

Bing Image Creator Tool – Create images with your words

Tech Giant Microsoft introduces image creator tool to Bing and Edge Browser using DALL-E 2 a deep learning models developed by OpenAI. At first this feature will start rolling out to Bing preview users on both desktop and mobile starting today. Microsoft says that Bing Image Creator will be fully integrated into the Bing chat experience. It will initially be rolled out in Creative mode.

However the new Bing Image Creator preview will also be available in Microsoft Edge, making it the first and only browser with an integrated AI-powered image generator.

How it Works?

The new tool is powered by an advanced version of the DALL∙E model from OpenAI. To use Bing Image Creator in Edge, simply click the Bing Image Creator icon in the sidebar to create your image or invoke from Bing chat in Edge.

  • Just by typing in a description of an image, providing additional context like location or activity, and choosing an art style, Image Creator will generate an image from your own imagination. It’s like your creative copilot.
  • Just type something like “draw an image” or “create an image” as a prompt in chat to get creating a visual for a newsletter to friends or as inspiration for redecorating your living room.

Micorsoft in a blogpost added that;

We’re excited to announce we are bringing Bing Image Creator, new AI-powered visual Stories and updated Knowledge Cards to the new Bing and Edge preview. Powered by an advanced version of the DALL∙E model from our partners at OpenAI, Bing Image Creator allows you to create an image simply by using your own words to describe the picture you want to see. Now you can generate both written and visual content in one place, from within chat.


Bing Image Creator integrated into Bing chat will begin to roll out to Bing preview users on both desktop and mobile starting today. For those not in the new Bing preview, the preview experience of Image Creator is now available at for Bing users around the world in English.

Bing Image Creator is also available in Microsoft Edge from the Image Creator icon in sidebar for both desktop and mobile starting today for Edge users around the world in English. This tool will soon integrate Image Creator into Edge from the new Bing button in chat mode in the preview version of Edge.

Microsoft further added that; If you’re not yet in the new Bing preview, you can sign up for the waitlist today.

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Honor 70 Lite 5G with Snapdragon 480+ and 50MP Camera launched

Honor 70 Lite
Honor 70 Lite

Honor 70 Lite 5G launched

Honor, the chinese smartphone manufaturer, has just launched a brand-new affordable mid-range smartphone –  “Honor 70 Lite 5G”, the phone will soon reach the global market. The smartphone Honor 70 Lite 5G comes with a 6 main highlighted features: Snapdragon 5G SoC , 5000mAh Long-lasting Battery, HONOR RAM Turbo , 50MP Triple Camera and a 6.5″- inch HD+ TFT LCD HONOR FullView Display.

Honor 70 Lite 5G Full Phone Specifications

HONOR 70 Lite
HONOR 70 Lite
  • Honor 70 Lite is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 480+ 5G processor and runs Android 12 with Magic UI 6.1.
  • The phone comes with 4GB of RAM along with 3GB of virtual RAM expansion support.
  • The phone has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner
  • features a 50MP rear camera, 2MP depth and a 2MP macro camera
  • Honor 70 Lite packs a 5000mAh battery with support for 22.5W fast charging.
  • HONOR’s dual MIC noise cancelation technology eliminates environmental
    noise, improves human voice, and makes voice calls clearer.
    Certified with Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless, you can enjoy
    high-quality music whether with wired earphones or wireless earbuds.

Here is the complete list of Honor 70 Lite Full Phone Specifications;

  1. Display: 6.5-inch (1600 × 720 pixels) HD+ 20:9 aspect ratio TFT LCD screen
  2. Octa Core Snapdragon 480+ 8nm Mobile Platform with Adreno 619 GPU
  3. Storage: 4GB RAM, 128GB storage
  4. Dual SIM (nano + nano)
  5. Android 12 with Magic UI 6.1
  6. 50MP rear camera with f/1.8 aperture, 2MP macro camera with f/2.4 aperture, 2MP depth camera with f/2.4 aperture
  7. 8MP front-facing camera with f/2.0 aperture
  8. Side-mounted fingerprint sensor
  9. 3.5mm headphone jack
  10. Dimensions: 163.66 × 75.13 × 8.68mm; Weight: 194g
  11. Connectivity: 5G SA / NSA, Dual 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac (2.4GHz + 5GHz), Bluetooth 5.1, GPS/ GLONASS/ Beidou, USB 2.0, NFC
  12. Battery: 5000mAh battery
  13. HONOR SuperCharge: Supports 22.5W fast charging  – Instant Charge-up, No More Long Wait. No fear for a Low Battery Warning, Charging a large battery can be equally fast.

Honor 70 Lite 5G –  Availability

The new Honor 70 Lite 5G smartphone will be available in three different color options:

  1. Titanium Silver.
  2. Ocean Blue.
  3. Midnight Black.

Honor 70 Lite 5G –  Pricing

The Honor 70 Lite 5G is available in a single configuration with 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage at a price of £199 in the UK (approx. Rs. 20,000 in India). Its availability in other world markets is yet to be confirmed.

You can buy directly from here.

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Nokia G22 with eco design and QuickFix repairability launched

NOKIA G22 Smartphone
NOKIA G22 Smartphone


Nokia G22 Review— The Nokia G22 is an Android smartphone manufactured by HMD Global, it runs on Android 12. The Nokia G22 was first announced on February 25, 2023 and will be released on March 6, 2023.

“Nokia G22” is a smartphone autonomy from Nokia. mainly focusing on High performance ,  QuickFix repairability & Longevity-first design.  The Nokia G22 smartphone empowers owners with the ability to replace a broken display, charging port or battery. It brings an array of longevity promises to the many, not the few – with a 100% recycled plastic back cover, up to 3 years of warranty and updates, and a 3-day battery life. And, the memory extension feature delivers additional virtual RAM, giving users a smoother smartphone experience.

Nokia G22 : “Self- Repair Simpler” – Repair your own device, with “QuickFix”

Starting with Nokia G22, Nokia phones manufacturer HMD Global is partnering with iFixit, a global repair community, fixing your devices becomes more affordable and accessible.

Nokia in its blogpost announced that;

Carry out battery and display replacements yourself thanks to in-built QuickFix repairability. So, you can forget about lengthy repair shop wait-times or any potential data loss. Simply consult iFixit for Nokia phone replacement parts, tools or easy-to-follow guidance – or, just ask an authorized service center to carry out the repair for you.

ifixit – Nokia G22 Repair

With this Self-Repair concept, fixing any Nokia G22 smartphone is a very quicker process, just go through the iFixit guides here and follow the guides to repair.

ifixit can provides Nokia G22 Replacement Guides such as: Back Cover, Battery, CHarging Port Assembly, Screen Assembly and more

Nokia G22 – Full Phone Specifications

Here are the full phone specifications of the new Nokia G22 Smartphone;

  • The Nokia G22 features a 6.5 inch panel with a V-Notch. The camera bump on the back cover is labeled “50 MP AI CAMERA”.
  • The Nokia G22 is available in the colors Meteor Grey and Lagoon Blue.

Models: TA-1516 (without NFC), TA-1528 (with NFC)

CPU: Unisoc T606

Memory: 4GB LPDDR 4x

Storage: 64/128 GB, MicroSD support up to 2TB


  • 6.5 inch panel
  • 1600 x 720 pixels (~297 ppi)
  • V-Notch, 90Hz
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 3


  • Main camera: 50 MP (AF, f/1.8), 2 MP (Depth) and 2MP (Macro)
  • Front-facing camera: 8 MP FF (f/2.0)

Ports and Connectivity:

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5GHz dual band)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB Type-C


  • Li-Ion 5050 mAh battery
  • Fast charging 20W


  • Size: 165 x 76.19 x 8.48 mm
  • Weight: 196 g (6.92 oz)

Additional Features

  • IP52 water/dust resistance rating
  • Fingerprint (power button, optical)
  • Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer (G-sensor)
  • Biometric face unlock
  • NFC (TA-1528 model)

Nokia G22: Pricing & Availability

Here are the Nokia G22 Official Pricing & Availabilty details;
Expected Price in India Rs. 13,990 Approx
Release Date 25 February 2023
Color Variants Lagoon Blue, Meteor Gray
Storage Variants (4GB+64GB) (4GB+128GB)


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Google launches a new 360-Degree Video Backgrounds for Meet

Google Meet 360-degree video
Google Meet 360-degree video

360-Degree Video Backgrounds for Google Meet

As part of its continuous efforts to improve user experience, Tech Giant Google launched a new feature that enhances video calls by introducing a new 360-degree video backgrounds for its Google Meet users.

Google in its blogpost officially announced that, Google Meet users on mobile can use several new 360 degree video backgrounds. These backgrounds— which include a beach and a temple— that use the device’s gyroscope to create a dynamic experience that moves with you. Also users can turn backgrounds on or off for their users. This new  feature is available both on Android and iOS devices for all Google Workspace users and users with personal Google Accounts.

Here’s how 360-Degree Video Backgrounds for Google Meet will works;


Users can choose from various Virtual Backgrounds, including Sun-Kissed lagoons and templates. Aditionally Google has improved visual errors that appear between the edges of call members and their virtual backgrounds and also introduced emoji reactions to video calls.

Google Meet’s new feature of 360-degree video backgrounds is an addition to the virtual background feature that the platform already provides. These backgrounds are created using a 360-degree camera, allowing users to project a panoramic video in the background of their video call. With 360-degree video backgrounds, users can bring a more immersive and dynamic feel to their meetings, which can significantly enhance the experience for all participants.


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Diablo IV Open Beta Dates Announced

Diablo 4
Diablo 4

Diablo IV Open Beta

The Diablo IV open beta and early access weekends have officially been announced!  The open beta will be available to everyone including for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One starting March 24 to 26, but those who pre-order Diablo IV on the Xbox Store will get early access to the open beta from March 17 to 19, giving a preview of the next generation of the famous RPG.

If you have not already pre-purchased a copy of Diablo IV for your platform of choice and want to get Early Access to the Open Beta, visit here.

Diablo IV Open Beta Release Dates (PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One)

Diablo IV
Diablo IV
  • Early Access: 3/17 – 3/19.
  • Open Beta: 3/24 – 3/26.

Throughout both the open beta and early access weekends, you can experience the first moments of Diablo IV, playing through the Prologue and entirety of Act 1.

To get you fully immersed in all the gruesome and glorious elements of Sanctuary, the entire first zone, Fractured Peaks, will be yours to explore. From traversing the rugged landscape to slaying demons with furious might, this will be your chance to adventure through the Mortal Realm and behold what horrors await.

Blizzard points out that the Diablo IV experience is not yet finalized and may present bugs in its Open Beta version, so it is just a “little word” for fans of the franchise who are curious to discover some news.

Diablo IV Open Beta (Pricing & Availability)

The Official Diablo® IV – Standard Edition is available for pre-order on the developer’s official website with a starting price of $69.99 (Rs 5,599). The special editions “Deluxe” will be available at a price of $89.99 (Rs 7,199)  and the “Ultimate”edition  which bring collectibles and exclusive items, are sold for $99.99 (Rs 7,999) respectively. You can pre-order the title at stores on each of the following platforms:

#1)  Diablo IV Standard Edition

#2) Diablo IV Deluxe Edition

  • Supports on: PS4 & PS5
  • Early Access to the Open Beta
  • Light Bearer Mount in Diablo® IV
  • Cross-game Items
  • Early Access to Diablo® IV
  • Diablo® IV Mount & Mount Armor
  • Seasonal Battle Pass Unlock
  • Price: $89.99 (Rs 7,199).
  • Buy Now:

#3) Diablo IV Ultimate Edition

  • Supports on: PS4 & PS5
  • Early Access to the Open Beta
  • Light Bearer Mount in Diablo® IV
  • Cross-game Items
  • Early Access to Diablo® IV
  • Diablo® IV Mount & Mount Armor
  • Wings of the Creator Emote
  • Battle Pass Unlock + 20 Tier Skips
  • Price: $99.99 (Rs 7,999).
  • Buy Now:

Diablo IV – Early Access Beta Code Redemption

Do you have a Beta Early Access code for Diablo IV? It’s time to redeem it! If you pre-purchased the game digitally, Early Access to the Open Beta will be automatically available on the platform you pre-purchased for—no further action is required of you. But for those with an Early Access code, instructions are listed below. More information on how to download the Beta will be available as the Beta draws near.

Redemption Instructions

  • Go to and log in or create your account.
  • Enter your code and select your gaming platform and region (if applicable) from the drop-down menu.
  • Be sure to check your selections before clicking the Redeem button.
  • success page will confirm that your code was valid and claimed to the account.
  • For PC players, your account will be flagged for access right away.
  • For console players, a platform-specific code to download the Beta will be emailed to the address associated with your account closer to the start of Early Access.


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Microsoft Limits Bing AI Chats to 5 Replies

Bing AI
Bing AI

Microsoft Limits Bing AI Chats

Tech Giant Microsoft in its blogpost announced a quick update to its Bing AI Chatbot that a very long chat sessions can confusing the underlying chat model in the new Bing. To address these type of issues they have implemented some changes to help focus the chat sessions.


“Bing AI Chat will now reply to up to five questions or statements in a row for each conversation, after which users will be prompted to start a new topic. Users will also be limited to 50 total replies per day. “

According to Micorsoft;

Starting today, the chat experience will be capped at 50 chat turns per day and 5 chat turns per session.  A turn is a conversation exchange which contains both a user question and a reply from Bing. 

Our data has shown that the vast majority of you find the answers you’re looking for within 5 turns and that only ~1% of chat conversations have 50+ messages.  After a chat session hits 5 turns, you will be prompted to start a new topic. At the end of each chat session, context needs to be cleared so the model won’t get confused. Just click on the broom icon to the left of the search box for a fresh start.

Further Microsoft announced that in future they will explore expanding the caps on chat sessions to further enhance search and discovery experiences.

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