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MediaTek launches Dimensity 9200 5G Chipset

MediaTek Dimensity 9200

After a series of leaks and rumors,  MediaTek today launched the Dimensity 9200, its latest 5G chipset powering the next era of flagship smartphones with incredible performance and intelligent power efficiency, as well as bringing features like Wi-Fi 7 and Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU with a hardware-based ray tracing engine.  The chipset will become the direct competitor to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 platform. The first smartphones with the Dimensity 9200 will be announced soon and reach the market before the end of 2022.

MediaTek Dimensity 9200 Specs

Here are the complete specifications of the new MediaTek Dimensity 9200 5G Chipset;

MediaTek Dimensity 9200 Specs
  • CPU: 8-Core Flagship CPU Cortex-X3 / A715
  • STORAGE : UFS4.0 + MCQ
  • MEMORY: LPDDR5X 8533Mbps
  • GPU & GAMING: Immortalis-G715 HW Ray Tracing GPU
  • CONNECTIVITY: Wi-Fi 7 5G sub-6 GHz & mmWave
  • CAMERA : MediaTek Imagiq 890
  • DISPLAY: MediaTek MiraVision 890
  • AI : MediaTek APU 690

MediaTek Dimensity 9200 Features:

The Dimensity 9200 is the first smartphone chip to integrate an Arm Cortex X3 with operating speeds over 3GHz, and the first features the Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU with a hardware-based ray tracing engine.

The CPU brings 3x Arm Cortex-A715 cores clocked at 2.85GHz and 4x Arm Cortex-A510 cores at 1.8GHz. The new chip is fabbed on the 2nd generation TSMC 4nm process (N4P).

HyperEngine 6.0 Gaming Technology

The MediaTek Dimensity 9200 is the first smartphone chip featuring the Arm Immortalis GPU with a hardware-based ray tracing engine.

Combined with HyperEngine 6.0 GPU Fusion Rendering capabilities, the chip greatly accelerates exciting new visual experiences in games.

The chipset packs MediaTek’s HyperEngine 6.0 Gaming Technology for fast, fluid action so gamers can immerse themselves in every scene, in epic detail. With support for extreme-performance gaming displays, eye-catching resolution, and extended foldable designs, the chipset’s MediaTek MiraVision 890 display technology brings content to life.

With hardware ray tracing producing ultra-realistic, next-gen graphics technologies like ray-traced lighting and reflections, whole scene soft shadows, and ambient occlusion, you can get hands-on with the most immersive mobile gaming experiences.

Wi-Fi 7-ready

The Dimensity 9200 is the first Wi-Fi 7-ready smartphone platform, supporting up to 6.5 Gbps data rates. The chipset integrates an advanced, built-in 5G modem with AI for faster network searching, 5G connection recovery out of dead zones, and other intelligent connectivity enhancements.

It also delivers seamless 5G experiences by fluidly switching between long-reach sub-6GHz and super-fast mmWave connections simultaneously.

Users can connect everywhere thanks to MediaTek’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi coexistence technology, allowing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy (LE) audio, and wireless peripherals like gamepads to connect at the same time without interference.

MediaTek Imagiq 890 Camera

The chipset’s Imagiq 890 image signal processor supports captivating capture, whether users are in low light, bright light, or anywhere in between.

Sporting the first native support for RGBW sensors, smartphones powered by the Dimensity 9200 can avoid Bayer conversion, providing up to 34% more power savings than competing solutions.

Additionally, users can create better cinematic videos and enjoy superior AI motion unblur technology thanks to MediaTek’s fast, accurate AI-NR photo capture technology. For video captures, the Video Stream Engine fuses the chipset’s APU and ISP; this allows device makers to add unique AI-video enhancements that are notably faster and more power efficient.


“MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200 combines ultimate performance with significant power savings, extending battery life and keeping smartphones cool,” said JC Hsu, Corporate Vice President and General Manager of MediaTek’s wireless communications business unit at MediaTek. “With notably brighter image capturing and improved gaming speeds, along with the latest display enhancements, the Dimensity 9200 will bring new possibilities for next-gen smartphones that come in a variety of stylish and foldable form factors.”

MediaTek in a statement said that the Dimensity 9200 chipset will become available in smartphones from 2022-end.


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