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Bing Image Creator Tool – Create images with your words

Tech Giant Microsoft introduces image creator tool to Bing and Edge Browser using DALL-E 2 a deep learning models developed by OpenAI. At first this feature will start rolling out to Bing preview users on both desktop and mobile starting today. Microsoft says that Bing Image Creator will be fully integrated into the Bing chat experience. It will initially be rolled out in Creative mode.

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However the new Bing Image Creator preview will also be available in Microsoft Edge, making it the first and only browser with an integrated AI-powered image generator.

How it Works?

The new tool is powered by an advanced version of the DALL∙E model from OpenAI. To use Bing Image Creator in Edge, simply click the Bing Image Creator icon in the sidebar to create your image or invoke from Bing chat in Edge.

  • Just by typing in a description of an image, providing additional context like location or activity, and choosing an art style, Image Creator will generate an image from your own imagination. It’s like your creative copilot.
  • Just type something like “draw an image” or “create an image” as a prompt in chat to get creating a visual for a newsletter to friends or as inspiration for redecorating your living room.

Micorsoft in a blogpost added that;

We’re excited to announce we are bringing Bing Image Creator, new AI-powered visual Stories and updated Knowledge Cards to the new Bing and Edge preview. Powered by an advanced version of the DALL∙E model from our partners at OpenAI, Bing Image Creator allows you to create an image simply by using your own words to describe the picture you want to see. Now you can generate both written and visual content in one place, from within chat.


Bing Image Creator integrated into Bing chat will begin to roll out to Bing preview users on both desktop and mobile starting today. For those not in the new Bing preview, the preview experience of Image Creator is now available at bing.com/create for Bing users around the world in English.

Bing Image Creator is also available in Microsoft Edge from the Image Creator icon in sidebar for both desktop and mobile starting today for Edge users around the world in English. This tool will soon integrate Image Creator into Edge from the new Bing button in chat mode in the preview version of Edge.

Microsoft further added that; If you’re not yet in the new Bing preview, you can sign up for the waitlist today.

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